About us

Tapaway is a spanish restaurant in Portsmouth,UK. Located in Eastney,just a few minutes from the beautiful Portsmouth seafront,it is an ideal place to have your evening dinner or have a quick bite on the go after a walk on the beach. You can also enjoy an English fry-up breakfast from 7:30am. Families are always welcomed. With a very warm and friendly atmosphere,the spanish cuisine is presented here in its full splendor. Tapaway restaurant offers to taste national culinary dishes oriented to a healthy life-style. Spanish cuisine, and particularly in the area of gastronomy, has taken some giant leaps forward in the recent years,so we have selected a few of our favourite Spanish dishes and we want to share the experience with you. Spanish cuisine is one of the most popular and asked-for cuisines in the world so we want to make sure everyone who wants to can enjoy the taste therefor we provide also free home delivery.
We do catering for events and celebrations, ask for a free quote.